Block log

This page is only used for demonstration and it is not part of the MOD! A similar page is added to the MOD as ACP page.
The block log lists the actions carried out by IP-RBL DNS check, Domain-RBL DNS check, HTTP-BL check and reporting, timezone check and DNS MX check.
IP-RBL DNS check is using DNS requests to check ip address against blacklists (Realtime Blackhole Lists - DNSBLs). Domain-RBL DNS check is using DNS requests to check DNS domain names against blacklists (Realtime Blackhole Lists - URI DNSBLs and RHSBLs). HTTP blacklists check is using HTTP requests to check ip addresses, usernames or e-mail addresses against anti-spam databases. Timezone check is checking for automatically selected unlegitimate timezones while user registration. DNS MX check is checking e-mail domains for existing DNS MX records.
There are three different types of entries for the block log. Please look for the following words to understand the block log:
- recognized just means that the data is listed on blacklists (Realtime Blackhole Lists) or anti-spam databases.
- blocked means that the posting or the user registration has been blocked.
- reported means that the data has been submitted to anti-spam databases.

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